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Building a successful website requires more than a good eye for attractive design. Thoughtful website creation considers aesthetics, brand messaging, and user experience – forming a seamless relationship between these elements to tell a compelling story and persuade potential customers. If you’re having trouble converting using your current design, give your website a thorough look-over and check for the following –

01. Clear Calls to Action

Your copy should include clear calls to action that guide your readers through your website, ultimately leading them towards booking in a fluid and engaging manner. Don’t leave them guessing; tell your readers exactly where you want them to go next. Steer them in the right direction by using captivating CTAs that are obvious to the eye while maintaining a voice that is unique to your brand. A good rule of thumb is to end every section with a CTA. In other words, don’t let your readers scroll for long without a friendly nudge towards sealing the deal.

02. High Quality Imagery and Video

It hardly needs to be said that beautiful imagery makes for a moving user experience. Why else would we spend so much time scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, saving pictures that inform our creative work and inspire our lives? While we believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, careful presentation hardly ever misses the mark. If you feel like creativing captivating visuals is not your forte, let it be known that hiring a professional photographer/videographer to create brand content that attracts your ideal client can be written off as a business expense!

03. Mobile Friendly Design

50% or more of your website traffic will likely be viewed from a phone, meaning a mobile friendly design is something worth investing in. Optimize your website for mobile on a platform like Showit where you can easily design mobile and desktop layouts side by side, ensuring an engaging, fast loading, easy to navigate experience for your audience from any device.

04. Information about YOU

When working in an industry that relies heavily on social media platforms for exposure, it can be tempting (and rewarding) to keep your personal life and business separate. This in no way means you should neglect to write an About Me page or show your face every once in a while. Your audience loves to see it! For many small creative business owners, inserting a little of themselves into their brand is their key to success. Consumers buy from businesses they feel connected to and there is simply no easier way to humanize your brand than to show up and relate with your gorgeous personality.

05. Content that solves a problem

Knowing your audience is knowing their pain. Potential clients are likely visiting your website because they have an inkling that you can solve a problem they currently face. What does your business do for its customers? How do you make their lives easier, simply by doing what you do best? Make it clear that you are here to help by lending your expertise whenever possible. This is what the blog section of your website is for. With the right keywords and basic SEO, blog post titles can funnel future clients directly into your little corner of the web.

Figure out what your website is missing? Don’t panic – we know your pain and we’re here to help, always.

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